Scaling culture, purpose and closeness is tough.

It was easy when there were just 10 EXPLORERs in a small room called ‘Nuri Barnard’ at the end of the 1st Floor at the Bandwidth Barn.

Back then we could all walk to Rosetta, buy strong coffee and bet who was going…

The other day two EXPLORERs shared a birthday.

The obvious reflex: ‘wow, what are the chances?’

If you’ve done a year of statistics you’d know that the chances are actually pretty high. For us — we have over 100 EXPLORERs — it’s ‘obvious’ that the probability is close to 1…

Bill Gates.

Entrepreneur. Software developer. Innovator.

Co-Founder CEO of Microsoft.

One of the richest men in the world.

One of The Top 10 Most Influential People of our generation.

Ray Dalio.

Philanthropist. Philosopher. Author.


Founder CEO of the largest Hedge Fund in history.

Apollo 11


Land a man on the moon.

Bring him back to earth.

Make sure he doesn’t die on the way.


  1. 3000kg of steel.

2. An onboard mini-computer with 74KB of memory.

3. Lead Programmer writing the landing software: 26 years old.

4. Average age inside the Mission…

Nelson Mandela

Activist. Revolutionary.

Freedom Fighter.



Imprisoned for a lifetime.

Andy Grove.

Born into poverty. A survivor of Nazi Germany.

Escaped to the US at age 20. Could not speak English when he arrived.

An exile.


Only him and his mother.

The 2019 Springboks.

Rugby Championship winners.

World Cup winners.

Player of the Year.

Coach of the Year.

Team of the Year.

Ranked #1 in World Rugby.

South African Rugby

Rugby is much more than rugby in South Africa.

It is a symbol of the old South Africa.

It is a…

Maximillian Dippnall

Risk-taker. Joker. Leader.

The first Dippnall to dive head-first onto a tiled floor.

Imagine Dragons’ biggest fan.

The best 3-year old drummer I’ve ever seen.

A learning machine.

Stubborn as hell. Always on a mission. Always having fun.

Fiercely independent.

One of a kind.

‘I have a big…

Ken Wilber.

A child prodigy.

The most widely translated academic writer in America.

The most published philosopher alive.

The Founder of Integral Theory.

An IQ of 180.

The ‘Einstein of Consciousness’.

Shaun Dippnall

Father, husband, Founder CEO of EXPLORE

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